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Purpose of this Web Site

This web site provides a reference point for those who have registered a UK domain name through me or anyone who has concerns about a UK Domain Name where I am the registrar. Legitimate users of this site can send me a message by clicking the Contact me link in the panel to the left.

Legitimate users of this Web Site:

  1. Those who have registered a UK Domain Name through me and wish to make contact for any purpose.
  2. Those who believe any of the UK Domain names registered through me are being used for any criminal activity, or displaying Web content which is contrary to UK criminal law.
  3. Authorities who wish to make contact with the registrar about any UK Domain Names registered through me.
  4. Those who believe a UK Domain Name registered through me is acting contrary to their intellectual property rights or is engaging in any other activity contrary to any of their legal rights.
  5. Those who might wish to serve legal documents. For this purpose you should send a message outlining the circumstances and I will provide a current UK address "for service".

The following is a partial list of matters beyond the scope of my co-operation. Messages regarding any of these issues will be ignored:

  1. Any matter concerning any Domain Name which does not have a .UK suffix
  2. Any matter regarding any Domain Name for which I am not the registrar.
  3. Any complaint about content of any UK Web Site thought to be objectionable unless that content is abusive or contrary to UK criminal law and I am the Domain registrar.
  4. I will not act as an intermediary to pass messages to a Domain registrant. To contact a registrant use the details provided on their web site (if any)
  5. As a Nominet registrar I must keep any information I may have about any Registrant confidential. I will not provide any information about any Domain Registrant or Web Site owner unless so ordered by a competent UK Legal Authority.