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Nominet & Registrars

Nominet are the organisation who regulate all the Internet Domains in the UK Namespace. If you have any questions about UK domains or Nominet Registrars check out their web site:


Creating a web site requires a Domain Name. Domain Names in the UK namespace (those ending in .UK) are overseen by an Nominet. Nominet does not register domain names itself but relies on a network of registrars. I have been a registrar for many years.

Nominet has a policy of ensuring its registrars are up to the job and maintain the highest standard. It is policy to ensure the UK namespace continues to lead the world.

What I do

Nominet Registrars provide a variety of services in a number of different ways. The description below is how I do it.

As a registrar I do more than simply register domain names. The domain name will not work without the support of DNS. DNS is the link between the Domain Name itself and the services that work under its name—for example a web site, email etc. DNS requires at least 2 Servers permanently connected to the internet. These servers need to be monitored 24/7 and a new server swapped in if one of them should fail. If a user changes the location of the web site or mail server (decides to use a different ISP) then the DNS records need to be updated.

I do all of that but I believe my registrants should never need to be concerned by this technical detail. I work hard in the background so their web site or email works without any hassle. I regularly monitor activity and fix potential problems before they develop into serious problems or a full outage.

There is more to being a registrar than simply handling the technical details concerning the domain name.

A good regstrar needs to inform registrants of their obigations to the UK namespace. Informed of their rights and responsibilities.Inform on how to handle complaints and how to take action if they need to complain about a third party UK web site.